A Gentlemen’s Duel:


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Ten paces and then they’d face one another.

It was simple, really, until Wally remembered the fact that one of them was going to be either severely wounded or else drop dead. Now, Wallace West himself was a man that didn’t believe in killing, but he did believe in defending a woman’s honor.

So of course he’d challeneged that lout Cameron Mahkent to a gentlemen’s duel when he’d insulted the smooth skinned, stubborn as hell, annoying as sin, beautiful as the moon, Miss Crock.

Not that Mister Mahkent deserved anything with the title of gentlemen in it, but fair was fair. Wallace had no doubt that he would need to act fast, however; though he was an honest man, he had the deepest suspicion that Mister Mahkent would aim straight for his chest.

Best not to give him the chance, Wallace thought to himself as he reached the tenth step and stopped.

"Are the gentlemen ready?" Mister Harper asked in an angry tone, probably with his arms crossed over the tailored suit that strained against the muscles underneath.

"Ready," Wallace and Mister Mahkent called out at the same time.

"On the count of three, then. One. Two. Thr—"


Wallace West yelled out in horror, expecting to feel pain, to see blood welling on the chest of his frock coat because that reviled snake of a man had just shot dishonorably before the official count was even done. But there was no blood.

Wallace was still breathing, and Mister Mahkent was screaming in searing agony on the cobblestones. Wallace gaped at Mister Harper, who looked just as stunned.

Their attention was pulled to the massive oak tree that stood behind where Mahkent had been poised by a small movement.

From the shadows, smoking pistol in tow, emerged none other than the spitfire of a woman whom Wallace had been attempting to honor. She blew the smoke from the barrel, then threw it down at Mahkent’s writhing form.

"Do get yourself together, you lout, it was only two shots to the shoulder. I dare say that was fair more of a courtesy than you’d have done to Mister West."

Mister Mahkent just howled in pain.

Wallace and Mister Harper continued to gape at the woman as she stepped over the man and walked calmly over to Wallace as though nothing had occurred. Her plump lips tugged up into a dasterdly smile, one that made his heart flip wildly inside of his chest. It seemed that Miss Crock didn’t need her honor defended; she had just defended it herself.

And quite magnificently, he might add.

"Miss Crock, I-" he began, only to have her hook her arm around his and start to steer him away.

"Mister West, I implore you save your blundering words for later. I simply cannot abide the thought of a man like Mister Mahkent taking the life of a man like you."  

"And what, Misses Crock, is a man like me?" Wallace implored, hooking his arm into hers and taking the lead of their leisurely walk back into the party’s continued affair.

"A fool, Mister West. A noble, handsome, jesting fool that catches my eye with violent ginger hair each time he enters a room, and a laugh that sets my stomach into flutters."

Wallace laughed, feeling his heart swell in his chest. “Miss Crock that makes me awfully happy.”  

"Why is that?"

"Well, I have been trying to pluck up my courage, that I might court you. If you’ll have me."

"As long as you don’t go defending my honor again, Mister West, I would gladly accept your courtship."

Wallace stopped, swept off his hat, and bowed to her, kissing the top of her delicate yet strong hand.

"You have my solemn word, Miss Crock!"

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Title: Shifting Feelings

Characters/pairings: Artemis Crock, Wally West, Spitfire

Genre: Romance/Supernatural

Rating: T

Chapter Length: 6,066

Summary: Wally West was just a scientist trying to get by in the crime ridden Gotham City, and it was all working out until the night he met the mysterious Artemis Crock. Romance blooms as the violence in Gotham rises beyond imaginable possibilities. And the dangers that lie hidden in the slums are nothing Wally’s science can explain. Spitfire AU.

Link to Chapter 1:


(behold the start of the monstrosity! Please don’t read this with high expectations it’s not really that exciting)

Shifting Feelings: Chapter 2

Chapter Length: 3,396 words


Sorry for the delay.

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"[He is] kind of a big dork," Evans’s mother said in an interview with GQ. “At 30, he still knows all the words to songs from The Little Mermaid.”

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The Food Network is a deadly weapon in the Crock/West household.
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Anonymous: Spitfire, they own a bakery and fool around after hours.


"I’m restocking the buns, Wally." 

His hands still move down her hips though, resting on the small of her back, “But what about these b-“

"Wally West, if you make one more baked good reference about my body I will throw this bread at you."

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It’s Mama swan protecting her baby! She doesn’t know the guy is just trying to help.. but then she’s like “Oh.. my bad. Thanks!!”

This is so heartwarming

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Living in your own personal hell makes you wonder what it would be like to escape from that life even for a minute

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Mille, the Norwegian Forest Cat | Jane Bjerkli

all right who was taking candid photos of me

So majestic 

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lizziegoneastray: They came in flashes, like clips from a movie he'd seen years ago: a mountain by a clear blue bay. A boy in a domino mask. A yellow lightning bolt. A wolf. Most of all, a woman with yellow hair and dark skin: laughing, scowling, vanishing into nothing against an Arctic landscape. Opening the door to a refrigerator stuffed with every variety of food imaginable./Then the running, the pain./Then nothing./Questions. Questions were bad, questions sent him back to the machine, but he had to know.(1/2)


(cont.) “That woman on the bridge.” He forced himself to look up, eyes shining. “Who was she?”

"You met her earlier this week on another assignment." The bald man in front of him looked over his chart as another, shorter man stepped up to fix the cracks in his metal leg. 

Somehow, he knew the leader was leaving something out. “I knew her.” 

"Just keep quiet, kid," one of the bald man’s associates muttered, holding a gun to his head.

He retreated into silence. Something about the word 'kid' triggered another slew of memories. Fast. Everything was fast. And family- he had family. They were fast too. But who was he? The woman on the bridge- Had she been family? No. His mind screamed at him for reasons he couldn’t understand. She had to have been important to him, and that’s why he used his voice again and whispered, ”But I knew her.” 

The bald man pursed his lips for a long while, before he turned to the young man lurking in a dark corner and commanded, “Psimon. You know what to do… And this time, do be thorough.”

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texts from last night (81)

We can talk tomorrow when we’re both alert. My mind is somewhere else right now.

Where’s it at?

In your pants.

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Stealth suit Wally West/Kidflash

"Seen Kidflash on the news; he doesn’t wear black."

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Baby Toothless with red ribbon <3

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attention all vegetarians


a lot of people don’t know that mcdonalds fries contain beef in them and mcdonalds has been sued a long time ago for this but it’s still happening!!

the company says the “natural flavor” on the fries include beef flavoring

the official ingredients on the mcdonalds website for their french fries specifically says “natural beef flavoring”

even if you’re not a vegetarian or already know this, please reblog this and let people know 

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You want to get kids out of foster care and into good, loving homes? I’ve got a simple solution to your problem.

Did you know LGBT couples are more likely to adopt older, children of color and disable children than straight couples? LGBT couples tend to adopt ‘undesired’ children more (basically kids no one else wants.)

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